Looking for new I-N ownership

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Looking for new I-N ownership
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:44:32 AM »
Hello I-N!

I've put this out there a few times and haven't gotten any response back really from anybody. Hoping that with the start of basketball season maybe a few more people will see this.

First let me lay out the future of the site in terms of the domain registration and host services.
  • The host services (CrocWeb) if they are not renewed by somebody expire 8-5-2021 - original cost was $106.20 for 3 years ($35.40 Per year)
  • The domain (Illini-Nation.net) is renewed every year - $12 - Next due 7-14-2020

What does this mean? It means that by 7-14-2020 if we don't have a new main admin, somebody willing to put their name and contact info for I-N on CrocWebs site, I-N will shut down.

For 13 years now (this last August) as the original founder of IN it has been my pleasure to be the main admin here and provide a great place to converse with fellow Illini fans. Sadly my time doing so has come to an end.  To think that when I started this site I was 28 years old, and at the end of this month I will be 42 now is just crazy. All I ever wanted was an escape from the ESPN forum and a place we all could chat without being bothered by trolls. I'd say mission accomplished! I never would have thought it would have turned into what it was or even last as long as it has. At least 3 different versions of the site, news blogs and t shirts. Amazing!

We've seen social media explode over these last 13 years and with it sadly has contributed to depleted activity on message boards. Peope get older as I have too and lose interest in things. This doesn't mean that somebody couldn't change all that and breath new life into the site. I however can no longer be involved as my time is short these days. I'll be starting a family soon and cant monitor the site or keep track of renewing licenses, domains, etc...Its been a fun ride, and the many days of enjoyable banter here will always be remembered.

if you are interested please contact me via PM and when I get a chance ill reply back with the steps needed to be taken

Thank you all for your contributions over the years! Both in time, money and content.

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