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Re: Superbowl?
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He is not a very good qb.  That said, he made the Pro-bowl last year.  He may not have been a great choice, but they did select him so he couldnt have been too bad.  I said before the year that I felt he was the best running qb in the NFC, but geez, he looks like Dan Fouts without the arm.  That is a problem between the ears.. as is everything else.  And part of that is Nagy.    I cant remember us rolling out once yesterday.  For 3/4 of the game, it seems we only target #12.   I am hoping this is a 'sophmore slump'. There was alot of hype for good reason this year and I heard 1 announcer say that he needs to just start playing and not worry about an INT or being too perfect.  But I still blame Pace.  He gets rid of a rb and signs another for more money who doesnt play.  Cohen was great last year and he hardly touches the ball.  We sign Patterson when we have Cohen, stressing the skill players but not doing much with the OL.

he made the pro bowl after like 5 other QB's couldn't or wouldn't play, that's not saying much. pro bowl selections dont mean much of anything anymore especially if you're not a first selection and only a fill in

also defenses have adjusted and are not allowing him to run, they are challenging him to beat them with his arm and brain, and it doesnt look like he has either
Well, I disagree with your first point, and somewhat with your 2nd.  Trubisky was a solid qb last year.  Yes we had a great defense but we went 12-4.  And he may not have been one of the first 3 options, but he was 4th or 5th out of 16.

And I think teams are taking away the short pass, knowing they can get pressure and playing the odds that he cant make the throw and it is working, but how many times have I seen 1 defender breaking thru the line and he just cant seem to escape.  He spread the ball around last year and they had a better rushing attack, because he was a threat unlike this year.