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« on: March 14, 2019, 01:34:27 AM »
Going with Georgi - mainly for his open court steal and breakaway lay-up ... Outstanding!

I had my hand on the remote control, with the finger hovering over the on/off button, after NU took the early lead in OT.  The team coulda easily quit but didn't

Now we get Iowa, a team that is REALLY on a nosedive ... should be closer than 24 this time, Michigan awaits the winner

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Re: BIG: Nerds COTG
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Giorgi for sure.  Trent played a pretty good game.  Feliz was the playmaker in the goto situations.  We get very little offense out of Williams, Nichols, De la Rosa and Griffin.  Jones missed a shot and that was the end of his PT.  We need more from Ayo, maybe his worst game all year if he hadn't hit that 3 in OT.  Honestly, we should beat NW without their best player by double digits.  What is up with Underwood getting clock?  Even with his 1st half minutes, we still dont come out of the lockerroom at halftime with our shot.


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Re: BIG: Nerds COTG
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I went a little different with my COTG.  For me, it was Aaron Jordan.  That dude played lock down defense and shut down their big man in the OT after Giorgia fouled out.  He was their offense for most of the second half and AJ shut him down when it mattered most.