Kaufman STFU!

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Kaufman STFU!
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:15:22 PM »
stephenk@illinois.edu  -

Stephen Kaufman needs to get a life. He's been on this self righteous crusade of his for so long that he has his head too far up his arse to even know whats hes talking about anymore. With concern to the Blackhawks organization he has ZERO clue and probably doesn't even know the story behind the team name in the first place. Only in a state like Illinois could a man like this make a living by trashing the very place that has given him his nice comfortable living he's enjoyed for the last 30+ years. He's hated the university so much due to the chief over the years, but I bet hes never sent a paycheck back has he.  https://newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoday/archive/chicago-blackhawks-developing-real-connections-to-american-indian-communities-q6HwwmjQC0qNGYja3xv4qg/
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