Wisky post game thread!!

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Re: Wisky post game thread!!
« Reply #10 on: February 22, 2019, 11:39:10 AM »
I agree on Higgs. And Giorgi was a huge get for Antiqua. Clearly he's a top 40-60 type player who was missed on by a lot of people. He's big, ambidextrous and has exceptional foot work for a frosh. 247 had him around 350 I believe. We extended an offer to a 3* pf in Texas the other day. He's a late bloomer. I think the offer was extended because Higgs is gone.
Yes, your right and that is kind the point.  It is very rare that a 300+ ranked guy comes into a major D1 program as a freshman and not only plays but starts, and not only starts but is a leader on the team.  The bb world is so involved, they just dont miss this bad.  So no Higgs, and if Kip leaves as you believe, we have 3 open schollies for next year.  What do we need?


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Re: Wisky post game thread!!
« Reply #11 on: February 22, 2019, 03:46:56 PM »
I think they look at a wing, Brown or Shannon hopefully. And a 4. Then you leave a ride open. 2019-20 is probably the last year where high school seniors must play a year in college. That means, to me that the players between 15-40 are now the key recruits for Duke, Kentucky, etc. So players like Miller and Love, who we lead for now, are going to be hearing from, and maybe even the top recruits for  the NBA farm team colleges. If we feel good about them still, then I'd leave a ride open, or offer a grad transfer. If not, I'd get a pg/ca in here.