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Re: $Cum Post game thread!
« Reply #10 on: January 09, 2018, 10:43:02 PM »
by spiraling out of control I meant somebody making a play to break up the runs our opponents make. Break up those 10 minute bad spells down to no more than a couple. this team seems to be able to collectively go into a funk at any moment. when we go bad we seem to go really bad. we just need somebody to step up to smooth out the rough spots and keep deficits in the low single digits instead of digging ourselves an 18-20 pt hole.
Okay my bad...I agree with that completely.  We can't continue to dig big holes and think we are going to overcome. We always make a come back but it is hard to come all the way back and then close it. We all know there will be runs in games but we definitely need somebody to keep a run to a minute or two and not a 10 minute drought.  That is where Finke  & AJ have been really disappointing.   Because hitting a 3 in those stretches can go along way and those two Juniors are supposed to be our best shooters and Finke is supposed to be the leader..

Anyway, we need some wins