May 28, 2018 02:52 AM

The forums are here for anyone to post on. (I-N) does not limit registration to anyone nor do you need to be a fan of the Fighting Illini. We hope to make this website/forum an informational and enjoyable place to visit.

The forum is considered to be a lightly moderated board. The basic ground rules for discussions are simple: respect other users and use common sense.  We do not tolerate any form of spamming of our members.

The moderating staff does not intend on censoring messages based on the opinions expressed within, but to only enforce the policies outlined both here and on the I-N Forum. The following rules of the Forum serve as a notice for all members to adhere to. The site encourages members to try to work out their differences and only report those posts/threads that require immediate moderator intervention.

I-N staff reserves the right to modify/edit any thread/post at anytime, as well as serve infractions, and or bans, for any reason as they deem fit without prior warning or notice.  In addition, management reserves the right to act, or not to act, on any violation as they so choose.
Staff can delete a thread or post at the request of the author of the thread/post. Please Private Message or email an I-N management member if you do not understand any of the rules, guidelines or policies outlined below or if you have any questions.

Most importantly, Illini Nation is a NO POLITICS forum-  topics, posts, debates, etc in regards to Religion, Politics, Sex, Race,  will be removed and those members will be given a warning, continued violation of this policy could lead to a limited ban, and or a permanent ban from the forum regardless of your history with the forum.


MEMBERSHIP ETIQUETTE--Be considerate of your audience when posting. In the online forum setting, your true intentions won't always be perceived the same way by others. All members are to be respected. Outside of clearly designated arenas, posts/threads concerning expressions of hatred based on race/ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and religion are strictly prohibited.
PERSONAL ATTACKS--Avoid personal attacks at all costs. When you disagree with another member post/thread don't attack the member, debate the content or concept within the disagreement. When you feel you've become the recipient of a personal attack, your only actions should be to notify a member of the I-N management and ignore the user's attack.

ANTAGONIZING --  Trying to incite  or intentionally going out of your way to single out a member, group of members, or a particular viewpoint, can also be perceived as a personal attack (See above), and will be left at the discretion of board management as to the degree of seriousness and intent, if it is reported. If you feel you've become the recipient of antagonizing, your only actions should be to notify a member of the I-N management and ignore the user's attack.
PROFANITY --The use of profanity should be held to a minimum, if at all. Profanity itself may not be prohibited, but excessive use will be moderated.  Remember, there are younger members that contribute to the forum, use your better judgment.
PORNOGRAPHY--Pornography is prohibited in every way, shape, and form. Images, videos, links, or any other type of media will result in immediate banning of members account.

AVATARS/SIGNATURES--Customs avatars/signatures are permitted in the forum. Things to avoid are anything that contain the following: nudity, defamation, political (including anything having to do with politics or political views), assaulting, or otherwise inappropriate in the view of the moderators. Custom avatar privileges can be revoked at any time for any reason.

SOLICITATION/SPAM--The solicitation of forum members as a resource to be "mined" by individuals, groups, other internet forums, or businesses, for profit or not for profits, is strictly prohibited and enforced.

MEMBERSHIP IDENTITY--The impersonation or misrepresentation of ones identity on the forum is prohibited. This includes logging in or using another member's identity

MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIPS--Multiple forum memberships are not permitted. This includes re-registering when an account is locked, suspended, or banned.

LINKS--Linking to any file/program/software that could harm a persons computer is prohibited. This includes ?crash me? sites.  Links to pornography, as deemed by I-N management, will result in immediate banning of members account.  If posting information or articles from online sources, members must provide the original link to the content.


The Forum staff will use discretion whether or not to act on a particular incident. The rules are only a guideline for members to follow and will be enforced as the staff chooses. A members violation history may also be considered depending on the violation. If a staff members determines that a site rule or policy has been broken, the following may occur:


  • First violation - Member is added to moderator watch list (notification and reason of infraction is sent).
  • Second violation - Member will not be able to post for set amount of days determined by forum staff (notification of infraction sent). Admin will set length of suspension and member will be notified through PM when they will be able to post again
  • Third violation - Member will be banned permanently from posting on forum

Warnings and bans will be determined based on I-N staff members view of the severity of the incident. Infraction history is also taken into account.

Members will be notified of an infraction through private messages (PMs). If a member wishes to dispute an infraction they must communicate to the Administrator through PM. Do not create a thread to whine, complain, or discuss the matter. Simply take the infraction for what it's worth, make an adjustment, and your experience here will be much better. Continuing the infraction-able actions or creating a drama fest around the subject will only dig your hole deeper.

A temporary/permanent suspension of an account can occur at any time with or without warnings depending on the severity of an offense.

Spammers will not be warned before a permanent account suspension is issued.

Disclaimer: is an independent site and is not affiliated with The University of Illinois, The University of Illinois Athletic Department and/or its sports programs. Opinions expressed herein do not reflect the opinion of, the University of Illinois, or any other of our sponsors, affiliates, partners or users.